Javin Elliff Photography

March 13, 2024

Winter Shots

I feel like I've been hibernating all winter, but I did get out in nature a few times.

Cold Weather

In January, we had very cold temperatures (for Washington) for a week. The mercury dipped as low as 14 degrees in my area. I went for a short hike, and while there wasn't much to see for wildlife or landscapes, I found ferns encased in ice on the edge of a small stream. Click on these to view larger.

Icicles hang from sword ferns covered in ice.

Close-up view of sword ferns encased in ice on a cold winter day.

Beach Sunsets

Winter is about the only time that I visit the rugged beaches of the northwest. I keep an eye on the forecast and head out when it looks like there might be a decent sunset. I have enjoyed a few lovely ones this winter.

God rays shining through the clouds above Destruction Island near sunset.

A winter sunset at Ruby Beach looking out towards Destruction Island.

A winter sunset at Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park.

Short Hikes

I went on a few other short hikes and was treated to views of foggy ridges, and a rainbow.

Tall trees in fog

Clouds and fog add depth to forested ridges.

A sliver of rainbow stands out against a backdrop of old-growth forest.

A faint rainbow over a river on the Olympic Peninsula.

Roadside Elk

And lastly, a couple shots of elk that I took from the comfort of my truck on a blustery day.

Cow elk feed during a winter rainstorm.

Four cow elk feeding in a pasture on a rainy winter day.