A Day With a Real Lens

Every aspiring wildlife photographer dreams of super-telephoto lenses. Since I'm not ready to drop $5K for the cheapest of the big glass models, I decided to rent one for a weekend from Lens Rentals. Then I carried it 16 miles looking for wildlife. I probably should have gone to the zoo. I was lucky, however, and spotted a black bear feeding on a bank above the river bed a couple hundred yards away. With the wind in my favor I closed the gap and crouched behind a log undetected. I managed to snap off quite a few pics for ten minutes or so. Unfortunately for the first few minutes I had the settings on the lens wrong and fumbled around trying to figure it out. It wasn't a great backdrop for photos, but it was a large adult bear and an exciting encounter.

A couple hours later, I was slowly walking along a game trail and caught a glimpse of movement up the hill from me. I looked through the lens and here was a nice bull walking down the hill towards me. I hid behind a tree and had everything set up when he walked out in a small clearing maybe 30 yards from me. Once I started snapping pics he heard the shutter clicking and froze.

I was lucky to see a couple animals, and the results were great – in my opinion at least! Hopefully by the time I can buy a lens like this I am still strong enough to carry it around all day :)